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Male grooming products – What to use and what to avoid

Male grooming products – What to use and what to avoid


It is no secret that bearded men have always been regarded as supremely masculine and attractive. Throughout the centuries, various beard styles have come and gone, but the fact is that a good beard can still make a man look more attractive and appealing. However, one cannot just let the beard grow and leave it unattended. Just like every other part of our bodies, a good beard also requires a lot of care and maintenance in order to look healthy and beautiful.

Care and maintenance

To achieve that look, you must treat your beard with a lot of care, and use all kinds of grooming products as well. Nowadays, you can easily find various grooming products in your local stores. There are moisturizers, aftershaves, shaving foams, shaving oils, shave balms, and a plethora of cheap alternatives, such as various soaps, which some men still use to shave their beards.

No soaps


If you want a good-looking beard, first of all, avoid using soaps for shaving. This is a very juvenile thing that mostly teenagers are accustomed to. Real adult men know how ineffective soaps can be and they have enough grooming habits and foresight in order to know that they have to use quality shaving creams regularly.


Foams vs. lotions

Obviously, any kind of soap is a poor choice. But, how about a shaving foam? While It is a fact that you can find a good number shaving foams on the market, it is also a fact that most shaving lotions are usually much slicker. Not only this but they are also more effective and provide more protection for your skin, as well. By using a shaving lotion, you will also create a strong layer of protection between the skin area and the blade, simply because skin can more easily absorb a lotion than foam.

This way, the uppermost layer of your skin will become slicker and more naturally resilient, while at the same time becoming much less likely to be unintentionally damaged or scraped by the blade. In addition, a lotion’s consistency and thickness will also prevent the blade from getting in direct contact with the microscopic irregularities and unevenness of the epidermis.

Bead oils and balms

To further improve the look and the health of your beard, you should also consider using a beard oil and balm. You can see the best beard oil at These products are usually made from 100% natural ingredients, which are proven to be very effective at providing the beard follicles with the necessary nutrients and keeping the skin from any irritations and inflammations. They can also properly moisturize the skin and give the beard that fresh and invigorating look. Click onĀ and take a look at the most popular beard balms.

Avoid irritations and inflammations

dhdh74When it comes to the inflammations and irritations, make sure to avoid the products and substances that are known to cause them. Start by steering clear of menthol and alcohol. Many popular shaving products use alcohol, such as shave perfumes. Even though alcohol-based shaving products can clear your microscopic shaving wounds, they can also give a very uncomfortable and painful sting, as well as substantially delay the natural healing process. This is mainly attributed to the fact that alcohol can easily burn …